10 Online Stores doing things Differently

Conor Pope has written this week in the Irish Times on the potential ‘ashopalyse’ looming thanks to online competitors. I was happy to share my two cents on why I love online shopping and what retailers need to do to stay in the game.  There are plenty of examples of retailers successfully innovating in the space – rethinking just what a store experience should be (e.g. Gutterbooks), but just thought I’d share a list of how some of my favourite online stores are innovating in more than merely ‘being online’. All of these are transferable ideas for a physical stores format…

1) Aliexpress App: Snap a picture of the product you want (by camera or screen shot), Ali will search its endless stores for similar products.  So consumers can find identical items online to in-store or in mags.

2) Etsy – unique products direct from makers or maybe even sell your own. It can be hard to shop unless you know what you are looking for so be sure to sign up for their newsletters. These guys are great at email content marketing.

3) Sheinside – upload your reviews for discounts. Check out other ‘real peoples’ photos of products to know if something will really fit/suit you.

4) Shoes of Prey – custom design your own shoes at a very reasonable price. Really good for half-size sufferers and those blessed with wide Shrek feet like myself.

5) The Outnet – high end at discount (part of Netaporter Group). Always check them out right after the Netaporter sales if you missed your products before.

6) Audible daily deal  – get one daily deal on a high-quality audiobook from around £1.99 – £2.99. Perfect for the gym, insomnia or a long drive.

 7) Keep – makes Instagram and Pinterest shoppable.

8) WeAreSoOrganic – organic ethical clothing that’s actually cool

9) Mustache.pl – a great example of how, with a little bit of online research, you can find unique designers from one country online.

10) AsiaMarket – fans of this hidden gem off George’s street will be delighted to know they are opening the store online in the next few weeks. Watch this space!


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