Trending: Superfoods get Spiced Up for 2017

There’s a new kid on the ever-expanding block of Superfoods that you may not expect. Firstly, because it is relatively cheap (not a typically desirable a tribute we tend to admire from our superfoods) and will continue to be. Secondly because it’s accessible (no need for the trip to the health store). In fact, it’s actually more of an ‘old kid’ and probably sitting at the back of your cupboard right now (specifically, if you’re anything like me, behind the out of date jelly packs and crumbling stock cubes).

Turmeric – the ginger looking member of the ginger family -has had a lot of recent renewed support in from research on its potency in curing multiple ailments (even to the point of convincing some serious sceptics).

Turmeric is used for arthritis, heartburn(dyspepsia), joint pain, stomach pain,  Crohn’s disease and ulcers, bypass surgery, hemorrhages, stomach bloating and gas, jaundice, liver problems, H. pylori (had this, awful) , IBS, gallbladder disorders, high cholesterol, lichen planus, fatigue, PMS, depression, Alzeimer’s, diabeters, water retention, lupus, TB, kidney problems acne, ringworm, bruises, leech bites (damn those pesky leeches), sores, gum disease, migraines, bronchitis, colds, fever… oh and cancer.

It’s no wonder Google searches for this wonder product have catapulted since 2004. It marks a rise in consumer interest in adding ‘functional foods’ beginning to replace omitting ‘bad’ foods (aka the trend for ‘No thanks, I don’t do gluten/dairy/sugar/carbs/fun‘). You can find more out about the rise of ‘functional foods’ – a big food trend for 2017 in their report. Brands and products that back this trend for food with function are set to do well in the new year.



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