Hold the Line – The Economic Realities that Trump Trump

I’m here at Kilkenomics in Kilkenny (where else) – where for four days the unlikely duo of comedy and economics collide. And to be honest, from what we’ve heard from this afternoons filming of Agenda (David McWilliams new programme on TV3) perhaps if you can do is laughIt’s no surprise that the conversation keeps circling back to the fact that ‘orange is the new black’ or more specifically, ‘How the hell did that happen and what the hell is going to happen next?!’, however, while the key concerns amongst us regular punters are what the next president of the U.S. will do, some key economic and political brains are  more focused on the immediate happenings a little closer to home.

Simply put – by politics, financial and foreign affairs expert Pinchas Landau – ‘Trump is not a revolution, and it did not start on Tuesday’ .

What we are seeing is in fact a wider social movement from Brexit in the UK, to what is going on in Poland and Italy, to the now even more likely election of far-right leader Marine Le Pen in Paris… there is a concerning movement that reaches far beyond the shores of the United States, with far greater potential consequences.

There may have been a fair bit of debate today but one thing that was inequitably agreed upon amongst the panel, if Le Pen takes power, it is the end to the European Union as we know it. Another mind boggling thought that would have perhaps been inconceivable before the events of 2016. According to Landau “the entire liberal establishment willfully blindsided themselves. Le Pen is embolded by Brexit. She is embolded by Trump. The whole thing is in her favour. It’s quite possible – and I’ve just thought of this, Trump’s first visit is to Paris.” 

And when it comes to the ugly side of social disillusionment and  the unwanted repetition of a world under history’s dictators, well apparently “so long as we don’t have another financial collapse, the line holds” otherwise “it won’t just be similiar, it’s an action replay.

Jesus – send in the clowns!

You can watch Agenda, hosted by David McWilliams this Sunday on the telly box, or view it online after here. Must see viewing on the global and domestic economic view, minus the jargon and gobbledeegook. 



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