Happenings: A Festival for Storytellers Hits Dublin Next Week

3.jpgThere has been plenty of conversation in 2016 about this years winners and losers of the media world but while pretty much everything has been up for debate one area everyone seems to agree on is video.

Whether your in social content, news or even publishing, video has become the default hero format. Now, there are lots of reasons why this is the case – some make sense, some are forced hands thanks to updates to platforms such as Facebook and some are just downright trend chasing… but if you want to know more about the format and how it’s being created and consumed these days, then there is a nice little festival for you – Dub Web Festival.1.jpg

Dub Web Fest is a fairly new kid on the block and brain child of French filmmaker, web series creator, Mikael Thiery and Videography Ireland Director, Erol Mustafov. Their own backgrounds give you a clue to the direction this is going in but basically the event seeks to unite the digital media world and the that of tech. They believe that Ireland can be a web series and digital content hub – one in which talent can grow – and are using three days of events to illustrate this. Online content creators will be converging to share their ideas and collaborative processes in a relatively new media landscape – where all genres will be covered from comedy to horror.

2Collaboration is a buzz word that often gets bandied about in worlds of marketing and media (generally when agencies want to win a pitch, and perhaps a little less so when they’re in the door). Story telling is another much abused phrase. So while the festival is not directly related to advertising, brand content or marketing in general it will be honey pot for ideas and understanding of how the real enthusiasts do it – ones who couldn’t find the content they loved in mainstream media, so set out to do it themselves through the now matured format that is web series.


It all kicks of from next Friday from 6pm with a free drinks reception, DJ and special guests. Opening night tickets are just 20 quid and it’s followed by wide range of web series screenings (examples illustrated)  and workshops that would be useful for anyone in the Creative, PR or production end of things. Full schedule and links to tickets on eventbrite here.unnamed


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