Trending: H&M partners with Luxury Brand Kenzo and instantly Sells Out

Over the last few years bargain megabrand H&M have made a number of strategic partnerships with luxury names. Most notably perhaps was the Balmain partnership this time last year.

A number of people put the phenomenal success down to the ‘kardashian’ effect – as they had used Kendall Jenner as the famous face to front the campaign. However,  the latest partnership with Kenzo has been treated very differently indeed yet have had overnight queues in stores and caused the website to crash, a lot. Items have sold out but you can buy on ebay for around 3 times the price.

So who really is the ‘influencer’ here then? Kenzo? The ambassadors? Or H&M themselves?

Does partnerships like this improve a luxury brands long term value – making it more desirable when H&M buyers move up in the world and adjust their retailer and brand preferences accordingly?

Or does it massively damage a brand long term like with the distillation of Calvin Klein and (I guarantee you very shortly) Micheal Kors?







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