A ‘Top 10’ List of Regular Reads for Marketers

The notion of FOMO is an old one at this stage but the reality of it is still very, well, real. Personally, I’m a self declared infoFOMO addict. While some may hate looking at snaps from’everyone else’ at a party (while they sit home alone making a costume for their cat), I’m the sort who’s more inclined to get genuinely stressed about missing information. For real.

It actually panics me that I’m never going to get to read everything. Yes – including the really crap stuff. And then you go and add the stat that one hours worth of video is uploaded online every second and it becomes a really depressing thought.

I mean, how is anyone supposed to keep up?

At some stage we all have to pick our battles or end up click-bait bandits that just ‘jet ski’ information from a million useless sources rather than ‘scuba diving’ on a few select ones.


So in the spirit of sharing, here’s my ‘must have’ list when it comes to marketing, strategy, digital, data and behavior…

(this list is in no particular order) wiki-man


  1. Rory Sutherland   – ad man extraordinaire. A great speaker as most will know from his TED talks and visits to Ireland but an even better writer.
  2. Dave Trott – the man every creative director aspires too. Clever, funny, ranty but always insightful, Trott tells it like it is (a rare thing).
  3. BrandWatch – there are a lot of data software companies out there. Most of them are full of it. BrandWatch put their money where the mouth is by creating content on, well, content.
  4. MCCP.ie – the ‘planning’ blog. What makes this one different is that it is actually fed into on a regular basis. A nice roundup of happenings over the week.ddog-twit_400x400
  5. Ad Contrarian – Well if you don’t know this one… His recent statement “Advertising isn’t as effective as it once was, and advertising isn’t as creative as it once was. It’s hard for me to believe that these two things aren’t related.” is probably a good summary though
  6. Data for Breakfast – these guys are behind WordPress, so I guess they know there stuff but they make it nice and digestible too. New one for me. Social Mathematics is another.
  7. CampaignLive – There’s no getting around it, you need all their newsletters. All the moves, the big campaigns, the #EpicFails and the latest news. Daily. If your eyes get tired, they’ve ventured into podcasts.
  8. Stanley Bing – Sometimes food for serious thought is best disguised as a seriously entertaining read. Stanley Bing’s blog appears at the back of Fortune mag and is the first thing I will religiously read when my subscription lands in the post box (that’s right,  I love print). Total ledgebag.
  9. Global Web Index – Digestible data, daily.
  10. Terry Gory – this legal eagle concerns himself with small businesses but if you’re off entreprenuering yourself don’t let that fool you. One of the best marketing/biz blogs going – and actually useful and original content. Nice one.
  11. MailChimp – do the best blog for anyone interested in e-marketing and being super clever while doing it. Personally, I believe this is where one of the biggest knowledge gaps in agencies are, so this is a great one for anyone who wants to get a more technical understanding in one important area of the digital world.
  12. Fashion&Mash – for any retail addicts out there. Or digital and marketing retail addicts at least. Fashion gets seriously smart on this newsletter.  A must for anyone in social/’influencer’ (shudder) realms – whether you know your Prada from your Penneys or not.
  13. Audible – OK so this is definitely not a blog per say. But if you sign up to hear about their daily deal a lot of non-fiction and marketer worthy reads pop up for as little as 1.99.
  14. The Memo – humans meet tech in this futurist positioned blog and newsletter. I’m not sure if I adhere to a rose tinted view on tech but just generally full of nice interesting innovation stories.
  15. Spotify – Yes, Spotify. The music mogul is probably one of the most surprising and wonderfully insightful places for consumer data, all the frame of music. From what music people break up to around the world to who parties the hardest at new years. Just pure awesome. Wish Netflix would do the same…


Yes OK, that totally wasn’t 10 recommendations, sorry. But I did say I had a problem…

Got any more? Let me know so I can add them. Even if it’s your own – especially if it’s your own!

Purposely steering away from magazines/papers/journals and books as that’s another three lists in themselves.



  1. Mark Ritson was suggested by Graham Nolan.
  2. Mitch Joel and Stephen Pressfield suggested by Brian Leahy.



Image by Kate


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