Trending: Google Home – This Year’s Christmas Must Have?

If, like me, you’re a tech lover who has got frustrated by serious lack of innovation every time the newest i-Whatever or smart-yoke has come out then it may be time to rejoice in a truly new ‘thing’ among the internet of ‘thingys’.

Google Home is now available to pre-order.

But what is it?

Well it’s Siri… I guess. But for your gaff.


Specifically it’s a voice-activated speaker that’s powered by the Google Assistant. So you can ‘Google’ things at home. Fair enough.

But where it becomes rather cool is how you can make it do stuff.

Like dim the lights.

Turn off the immersion (every Irish Dad ever has to like that one).

Play Spotify playlists.

Tell you how long it will take to get to work .

Read out alerts (such as your flight delays).

Create shopping lists.

Tell you your itinerary.

Listen to radio stations and podcasts.


Yes, Amazon got there first with the Echo. But I’m reckoning that Google is going to win due to

a) it’s Cheaper

b) it integrated with Google apps and a few other handy ones like Nest (also on Echo).

c) Siri is already smarter.

d) the Echo STILL isn’t available in Ireland…ugh.

Check out the demo vid here.

The big question I guess is how do we all feel about having this kind of tech in our home – from a personal data / privacy perspective?

Or maybe you feel thanks to tech already in things like your mobile, xBox, tablet, laptop, smartwatch it really doesn’t matter? That it’s simply too late to even be having this conversation.

The way I see it, there are two kinds of people out there – the ones that will get excited in the ‘the future is here’ Star Trek kind of way… and those who see it more in a Space Odyssey kind of way?

(I have already looked into if you can rename either speaker ‘Hal’  – it doesn’t look like it unfortunately).

Whatever your feelings one things for sure – this product sure separates the tech optimists from the ‘doomers’.





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