Leaving Cert, Damn Leaving Cert and Statistics!

This year, 54,226 students sat leaving cert maths.

57,929 sat the leaving cert in 2015.

But a much lower percentage (90% or 52,382) in 2015…

28% (15,198) did higher level this year.

27% (14,326 ) did higher level last year.


The percentage has been on the increase (duh) since the introduction of the additional 25 points for honors maths.

And now news sites are widely reporting the ‘bad news’ that higher level, a certain number of student below 40 per cent and that students at pass level are doing ‘worse’.

But actually only, 28% of students in 2016 got a D1 or lower, compared to 29% in 2015.

Meanwhile 37% got and A or a B, vs 36% last year (oh and there was a fractional % increase in As)

This is in spite of the increased number of brave students attempting Honours over ordinary.

There are increased percentage failure rates at ordinary level, which we are communicating also as ‘bad’ – even though the number of students taking honours has increased 60% – aka all the ‘good’ ones at pass have pushed themselves into honours level instead.

So obviously the percentages at pass level are going to negatively reflect that.

Meanwhile our Minister for Education Richard Bruton said the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment would look at the teaching of maths following the negative results…


However, he welcomed an increase in numbers taking on STEM courses, because employers are in desperate need of them. Even though the drop out rates are huge.

As I said before, if we want better mathematicians it starts at a much earlier age… and perhaps Mr. Bruton should go back to school himself…


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