Ireland – King of Netflix and Chill?

If you wasted away the bank holiday weekend watching Stranger Things, you’re not the only one…

Netflix are notoriously cagey about their numbers and there has been a lot of speculation recently as to the value of the subscription company due to missed acquisition targets of new subscribers. The 1.6 mil new members to, the 83.18 million subscriber base was not enough to stem a 14% decline in share value when those (self imposed) targets were not met.

However, we can devise a few things from the likes of Google Trends that this is probably an over reaction by the market. As it seems Stranger Things is another resounding success and you’ll never guess who has the most searches per head… yup little ole Ireland.


Collectively, Americans watch over 100 million hours of Netflix a day with 70% of them claiming to be binge watchers – gorging on an average of 5 episodes per sitting. If that is the case Google trends would indicate Irish people are even bigger addicts, not less. It also appears that Sunday is our key time to ‘Netflix and chill’ (albeit perhaps um, by ourselves).  So if you’re a brand that builds itself around TV moments (e.g. a takeaway) no Netflix was not a ‘phase’ that is over just because you’re marketer saw an article about their stock fall and is (frankly) sick of trying to think of ways you can get in on the action of this non-advertising platform  and no, a campaign that works around the Monday-Friday of the nine to five office is not what best suits.




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