A Brave Beauty Ad for the YouTube Generation

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 14.49.54As I’ve said before, beauty brands are notoriously bad at shifting from the 1950’s status quo but in recent months we have seen a few names out their shaking it up a little. The one to catch our attention most recently has been the team up between haircare brand Aussie Haircare and YouTube megastars Graydon Sheppard (aka ‘Sh*T Girls Say – one of those timeless viral classics amassing over 21 million views per episode).

I’m not so sure if I can do anything but laugh at their typically bogus advertising research which reports that a sizeable chunk of the modern female population to forego having sex, amongst other things, due to ‘hair drama’ but the ad itself is anything but typical. Relatable and fun, yet with a refreshingly strong simple message, the two part episode and extended scenes are to be highly commended as something that drag haircare advertising into the modern day and create a stark contrast to the atypical ‘orgasmic shower experience’ + ‘man explaining the bogus science bit’ that makes up pretty much every competitor ad. Thus far the videos have gathered over 16.2 million views* after an organic and now, paid promotion and has gained exposure on Cosmo, DailyMail, Refinery29, Adweek and countless blogs as well as being giffed all over Twitter. I don’t like talking in terms of ‘virability’ in 2015, but a major contribution to the contagiousness of these videos has to be the fact that the ads were written and directed by the YouTube star himself. Losing a large part of their control is still the most common excuse I hear from brands yet to take the leap into digital, for Aussie however, this leap has clearly paid off.


*includes paid spend.


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