24% of People Think Your Ad Sucks. The Others May Just Not Know How to Tell You…

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 15.43.31

The latest report from a group called Genesis Media, shared the results of their survey of almost 12 thousand U.S. respondents. They found that 24% of people are now using ad blockers on their computers. However, just a measly 3% have them on their smartphones or tables. The suggested solution (preferable to mass-marketing-hysteria) from a number of places, has been that we should all focus on throwing more paid media into mobile. Problem solved.


No, actually.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for use of mobile advertising. In fact I think that smartphones – by virtue of being timely, relevant and always there – are the most powerful marketing platform yet to be invented. But before we all go throwing our budgets about and upsetting our media plans let’s all have a wee think for a second about the people blocking the ad. You know, the ‘consumers’ that refuse to consume our messages. And then maybe, just maybe…

We will realise that what we should be focusing on why they are doing it, not what they are doing.

And evidently the why is that 24% of American adults think the majority of online ads suck enough to block all of them. And the thing is, I suspect the majority of the rest of them just don’t know how to do it yet.

So the solution can’t just be ‘move the problem to another platform that people aren’t peeved off on yet’.

The solution needs to be better advertising.

Advertising that’s more engaging but also much more timely and relevant to the audience.

In that sense, yes, mobile is a platform answer. But it sure as hell ain’t your creative or strategic solution.

Time to dig a little deeper.


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