Influencing the Influencer: 5 Brands and Vloggers who Know how to Work Together

Online influencers are great when it comes to turbocharging your marketing strategy, honing in on a really specific target audience and growing your
reach as a brand.

However, over the course of the development of such campaigns with these writers, vloggers and community managers, one important point is continuously emphasised, again and again. And it is this:

Online influencers are not ‘just another platform’ for a brand’s marketing – far from it.
Engaging in an influencer outreach strategy means engaging in a two-brand partnership.
One, where you are not the more important brand and one where you are not the one in

By this we mean if your brand partners with online influencers, you are not simply buying additional media space or ‘air time’ in a new format. Because when you are engage with them you are in fact, engaging with another brand, in their brand’s world and with their brand’s audience – their rules. You may hold all the cash, but they have all the cards. The digital world is a cutthroat one and contrary to the belief that influencers possess some weird magic wand of youth that ‘makes stuff go viral’, these people have, in fact, often spent years carefully managing, experimenting and nurturing their content and audience relationships in an authentic, transparent and highly unique way. So they are not about to throw their brand’s integrity away for the sake of your product’s 5 minutes of internet fame. No matter who you are, sorry!

Nor will they (or should they) change their appearance, format and style to fit whatever your brand book currently says either.

What brands need to recognise however, is that far from this being a disadvantage, it actually is good news for your future campaigns! Why? Well, it means you will only be working with spokespeople that naturally fit with your brand. It means if done right, your brand will receive a halo effect of trust, advocacy and authenticity from these influencers and it means you get to think outside the box creatively with people who understand your target audience better than any high paid researcher or ‘trends guru’ ever can. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I think so!

To get you thinking, here are 5 examples of YouTube influencers I love – who really know how to
work in a brand, in a way that uniquely fits their world with zero compromise…

1. Philip DeFranco
For: Pop culture, new products, tech and trends
Product Type Featured: Software

2. Clisare
For: all things Irish, tourism and new product reviews
Product Type Featured: Event

3. Melanie Murphy
For: make up, skin care and lifestyle tips and product reviews
Product Type Featured: Beauty product

4. Good Mythical Morning
For: Random fun
Product type: Food

5. David McWilliams
For: Economics and Business Trends
Product type: Advertising space

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