5 Insights about Irish Consumers from the Latest Google Consumer Barometer

The Google Consumer Barometer is one of those excellent free research resources available from Google – with what seems a robust methodology. The total sample surveyed for Ireland was 6119. Results are weighted by the census data of each country. Here are five interesting things the latest update tells us about Irish consumers…

1. We suck at Finance Research

52% of us don’t bother to shop around more than one provider when it comes to getting a personal loan. Yet three quarters will shop around in more than one place for oh say, a new lipstick or a new phone! Bizarre.

2. We like to Boxset Binge

47% of us use VoD and/or streaming services such as Netflix. This is interesting given how closely they guard their numbers. Specifically 19% are using streaming services and 25% of us watch content on devices other than TV. So there you go.

3. But We’re Not Paying a Lot of Attention 

63% of us use a smartphone while watching TV. But more interestingly (cause there are loads of those sorts of stats around), 81% of what we look at on our phones is totally unrelated to the thing we are watching… so we claim. I’ve a bit of trouble getting my head around the recall issues of this question (and many others in the survey to be frank) but interesting all the same.

4. Don’t Bother Building a Health App

Yes, health ‘big data’ is awesome, but only 7% of us are contributing to it. When you look at 7% of the population as a sample to learn to improve products and behaviours that’s great, but ‘lets build a health app’ does not a marketing strategy make. 65% of us do however use the alarms on our phones. Maybe build a better one of those to engage your customers!

5. Word of Mouth is still the most important assets to your Brand

7% (probably the same guys sharing their food-stagrams and logging their health data I’d expect) share our experiences of products/services on social media. That’s all well and good – and again this data is insightful for your brand – but again, it’s only 7%. 79% of all recommendations are still word of mouth. The conversations at lunchtime with your colleagues, talking to your mum on the phone, arguing with your spouse (“Why don’t you just buy a new X at X for God’s sake and stop tampering with the broken one before you lose an arm!”.). You know, life.

For a breakdown of these plus lots more stats, check out this Google Doc I’ve compiled for one all to share:


Image by Plofiz on Flikr Creative Commons


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