How to Find Out Who Owns Your Data in 3 Minutes…

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.22.50There’s an awful lot of noise these days about data ownership and privacy protection. However, I – like many of those who harp on about just what a big issue this is – find myself confronted by a the same nonchalant response from people every time. “Ah sure, it’s only my. I don’t get up to much. Let Google/the US government/the infamous ‘them’ have my data. Good luck to them!“.

Well I’d like to try one last time to change your mind if you are one of those people, in a matter of moments.

1. Download the plugin for your browser.

2. Click the plugin and check out your ‘digital citizenship’. You’ll probably get something like this…

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.09.22

Congrats – bet you didn’t think getting US citizenship was that easy?!

But what does this mean? Well if you are using a US based browser, like Chrome (who have the majority share) ) – then your data goes through there. Snowden and post snowden revelations aside here’s the big reason you should care…

Thanks to Chrome update to T&Cs in Jan, Google has the right to sell all of your data ‘anonymously’ to anyone they want to. And are doing so.

This ‘anon’ data of absolutely everything you visit means that it is actually laughably easy to find out your full identity a number of ways. The easiest method being to check if you happen to have visited your own profile pages on any social media.

So anyone anywhere right now, could have the potential to know who you are, and everything you do online.



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