If You Do One Good Thing Today… Smile (with #AmazonSmile)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.47.33At this exact moment (Friday afternoon), the regular activity on the internet goes a little weird… The bodies may be in the office but the minds are on the weekend – and you can see it from our collective browsing patterns. In particular, spikes in online retail browsing tend to spike on a Friday afternoon. Which is why I thought it would be a perfect time to write this quick lunch post…

If you are a major online shopping convert, like myself, do one good thing today and log onto your Amazon account and click Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.13.09or search ‘Amazon Smile’ and sign up. Then install the amazon smile button and delete your browse history. Reason? AmazonSmile is Amazon, but with .5% of price of eligible purchases going to a charity of your choice. I chose Doctors Without Borders – who’s brave volunteers do some of the best work in some toughest conditions in the world. Oh and they basically saved us all from an international Ebola epidemic. So, yeah, thanks.

Thing is, it’s a separate website address from your regular Amazon. So you have to make sure it’s smile.amazon you visit every time you browse or buy. No biggy. Just delete your history. Visit the site and install the new button. Reason being (they say) is Amazon spends .5% on advertising normally, so by separating the two out and hoping the power of word of mouth would spread it instead, they can afford to donate.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.19.11I dunno if I buy the .5% thing 100%… I’m also painfully aware as someone in marketing that no doubt the Amazon’s lack of ‘feel good about yourself’ factor (vs. say, supporting your local bookstore) was a factor for them in all this but ‘sure look’, I’ll share this post to do my ‘word of mouth’ bit anyway.  Doctors Without Borders may get all of €3.50 indirectly from me this year but it was worth 30 seconds of my time.

PS If youre an online blogger feel free to just copy and paste this as a post – no need to even mention where ya got it. If lots of us share it that €3.50 will get an awful lot bigger…


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