Heroes and Villians: Which Personalities and Platforms are Winning with Irish Teens?

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It would seem of all the most common apps, platforms and social channels, that SnapChat has grown to rank 3rd for teens in Ireland, with Facebook and YouTube ranking first and second, well probably. Allow me to explain…

So last week interns in work were tasked with a mini-survey I set up. The objective – to ask some Irish (15-18 years old) teens a little about their media habits. The survey sampled was only 51 and would have had a geographic skew to Leinster* … but I felt while it wasn’t a robust sample, it was worth sharing the results all the same – as there isn’t much info available on the demographic in Ireland.

Of those surveyed, it looks like Facebook is still the outright winner, with YouTube coming in a close second. However the ongoing fracturing of the audience across digital media (that has just been anecdotally discussed to this point in Ireland, as far as I know) was actually very obvious here. Yes, there are still some key players, but nobody can say they have full audience reach.

So, here are the top ten fave online medias for Irish teens:

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. SnapChat

4. Instagram

5. Twitter

6. Spotify

7. Tumblr

8. Reddit

9. A Specific Blog/Vlog or Blogger

10. News Websites

Vine – a typically teen orientated social platform in the States, just missed the list, ranking 11th. Personally I was surprised by it being that low – until I remember how low video entry submissions on comps always are in Ireland vs. say, the UK. Probably a nod to our tendency towards the less extroverted leanings as a nation. Another question asked however was about heroes. Quite a few names of well known viners popped up then. So, my speculation would be Irish teens are happy to watch vines (via the app or YouTube mashups)… just not so inclined to create them themselves.

Illustrated at the top of this post is the collection of the top ‘heroes’ mentioned by the teens surveyed. How many do you recognise? 

When it came to getting news and information. The top fave places used by the 51 teens to keep up with their interests were…

1. Facebook (96%)

2. SnapChat (57%)

3. YouTube (47%)

4. TV (45%)

5. Instagram (43%)

After the top five, it sharply dropped to scatter again across the likes of Twitter (22%), Radio (20%), Tumblr (16%) news websites (18%), newspapers/magazines (14%) and so on through the previous list. Again, small sample (can’t stress that one enough) but how close Instagram is to TV is probably a bit of an ‘Oh?!’ moment, even for digital fanatics like me.

In other random news, in the battle of Lyons vs. Barry’s it seems that girls prefer the former but boys the latter. Playstation is cooler than xBox. Samsung is pretty much neck-on-neck with Apple.


So there you go…

Any questions, as always,  just holler below.




*sample was 50:50 gender wise.


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