Anna Wintour Blue Steels (and Why the Zoolander 2 Launch is like, so Hot Right Now)

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As a world that’s all about regular transformations, fashion is always one strut ahead of the game when it comes to all things digital.

There really are few live events that have been so transformed by the internet as much as those in the fashion industry. It has turned the power balance to the street styler, the camera on the crowds and the ‘must see’ shots to the backstage antics of Cara and co. There are many regular star performers on the digital stage, such as Net-a-Porter, Burberry, Chiara Ferragni, Susie Bubble and Sophia Webster to name just a few… but this week the trophy has to go to the PR people behind the next Zoolander movie – who announced it’s 2016 due date by having the two co-stars Stiller and Wilson, take to the catwalk at Valentino yesterday.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.18.16The snaps, vines, YouTube videos, grams and tweets have amassed millions in views and shares but of course every fashion diva knows what goes on backstage is where the real action is at. This is where the campaign became seriously impressive – as ‘Derek’ and ‘Hansel’ blue-steeled-selfie-sticked themselves across the internet, via every person and brand of industry significance – thus reaching the entire online fashion audience. What was most impressive was that someone actually manage to persuade the Empress of Fashion herself (and arguable original owner of the ‘blue steel’ look), Anna Wintour to be involved! Which, for those who don’t follow this sort of stuff, is roughly the equivalent to persuading Gerry Adams to do a cameo at the Russian ballet. With the lines of film fiction and backstage reality blurred, the announcement of the second instalment came not from some same old film trailer or some well targeted YouTube ad but the mouths of the most influential names of fashion themselves. Bang on brand and really makes me excited to wonder what their parody take on the modern fashion world of selfies, squats and superfoods.

It’s early days, but I’d put money on this being one of the best digital launches of 2015.

Orange mocha frappuccinos all round.


Pics via and the following links on Instagram.


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  1. notthatdyson says:

    I loved Anna Wintour ‘s evening outfit for the Incredible. Does anyone know who designed it?



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