Just for LOLs: Hipster on Hipster Hatin’ and Why The Internet is Once Again ‘Outraged’

So in the latest series of hipsters hating on hipsters (ever notice how nobody actually owns up to being a hipster even though it’s now the majority of people and the alternative style right now is, um …what?) three lads from South Africa decided to go around chopping off ‘top knots’ from unsuspecting males and filming their mischievous adventure…

Except the thing is, they actually didn’t? After several days of abusive commentary, Derek Watts and The Sunday Blues have just posted an official apology – which involved reading out a bunch of the comments – revealing that the whole thing was staged.

Lol – way to show a mirror up to the internetty society and sum it up in one neat self-hating capsule folks. *Sob sob* We’re all doomed.

(Goes off to find a cute cat video to distract herself)


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