Retailers, the Devil is in the Detail: Nasty Gal #GirlLoss Review

unnamedSo on a somewhat, less serious note than the last few weeks, the latest online shopping review I have for y’all is for the American website Nasty Gal.

Owned by author Sophia Amoruso of current #GirlBoss fame, the site is known to those who desire something a little different from the high street, on a varying price point (sort of Topshop upwards). Initially, I’d been keeping an eye on a number of items, when I noticed one night a few weeks ago that they’d reduced many sale items to 80-90% off. Winner winner chicken dinner, right?


This site was by far, the worst in online shopping experience I’ve had in… well, ever. That includes those Asian wholesale sites where nobody speaks English, orders take 6 weeks and it’s basically a lucky dip if you end up liking the stuff!  Like, really awful. The website is slick looking, the clothes quite different and cool and the shopper user experience – right up to ordering – was clean and easy.

So what went wrong?

I ended up spending around €220 on around 10 items – a mix of new stuff and sale. I had heard from quite a few people that the quality was good, but you also were ‘got’ by the tax on the way into Ireland. Far enough, I was OK with that and factored it into my consideration.

The first of my problems started a week later – when I noticed my bank account had be credited money from Nasty Gal. I checked the account and about a third of the stuff I’d ordered were no longer on the order and sited as ‘out of stock’. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I pay for something, I expect that it’s mine. It’s not money thrown at a retailer in the hopes they’d given it to me. Also, 3 of those items were bought to go with other stuff I’d got, that were still on the order – stuff which I didn’t want anymore. Like a jumpsuit to go with a crop top (there is no other situation in which it is OK for my 27 ass to be wearin’ no crop top) – gone. Or a awesome red dress to go with a black cap (very ‘twin peaks’esque) but on its own now the hat (to me) was just sort of a pointless waste of money. Oh also, weirdly, it was essentially the items I’d bagged at a serious discount that had disappeared of the order. I don’t think I would have bothered with the stuff that did actually come through, if I knew I wasn’t getting this other stuff! Worse again, I’ve had a look at the site and some of the items I ordered (e.g. this beach dress) were still in stock. Zero explanation was offered to me however.

So yes, already seriously irritated.

Then the order didn’t arrive until this week – so it was late. Reason being the address on the order was incorrect – it was missing a line. I just checked the address on my account today – and the mistake wasn’t on my end. I’m not sure how you mess up printing off an address but there it is. So that had to be hand sorted at the post office and arrived late. But what if it had just gone off somewhere else – to someone else’s place?!

Finally the stuff arrived today (€50 euro charge from the post man for 10 things that costs around €170, thanks very much) but two of the items (a dress and a top) were in different colours and lengths that as shown. The dress (pictured as ‘powder pink’) came several inches shorter and in what can only be described as a vulgar crotch-high Miss Piggy Pink. I had it in mind for a wedding but the real thing would only serve a 16 year old trying to get into Coppers nightclub – and even then, probably only if she necked a few alco pops before getting dressed. The white crop top was actually that very special colour of old socks after you accidentally put them in the dark wash. Let’s not even mention the ear cuff that doesn’t actually stay on your ear.

2015-02-16 13.52.20As for the hat that no longer went with anything – well problem solved, as it didn’t actually turn up in the delivery. I went onto live chat to request a refund for the hat. The assistant didn’t apologise or anything (not rude… just didn’t explain why it wasn’t in my order, or apologise) – just offered store credit as my option. I said I didn’t want that and got all technical on the statutory rights (item ‘not as described’ (i.e. non-existent) therefor I am entitled to a full refund) and she conceded ‘just this one time’. Yeah, whatever… but my bigger issue here is the idea of a company possibly trying to trick people. It’s just not… nice. It’s actually kinda, well, nasty.

In the end my personal experience was that Nasty Gal is an online retailer with all style, and no substance.

I’m a serious advocate of online shopping but a barrier for many others I know is the risk. Nasty Gal ticked most of the boxes in terms of ‘bad stuff that can happen if you buy online rather than shopping on the high street’ so that was a real shame – as I know that would put a lot of other people off online shopping in general. Which it shouldn’t, cause online shopping is awesome!

So, yeah super disappointed.

Have you shopped with them and had a similar, or maybe very positive experience? Lemme know below!

Items in feature picture were the only ones I was reasonably happy with. The clutch and crop top were higher quality than I expected but the gold chain necklace (at around €33 before tax and grief) is lower – sort of cheap and tinny feeling.

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