Teaching Gender Inequality – the Simple Irish Stats

200So I’m trying to hack my way through my readability list of unread articles from 2014 and a few on gender in the workplace are in there. I thought I’d pull together this table on gender and equality in the educational employment. Unlike many careers, education tends to have very clear labels or ‘stages’ of employment. Also, we all have a good inkling of what each of the roles entail vs. say… a financial strategist or chief submarine engineer.

So anyway, here it is below. Don’t have much to say on it. The numbers speak for themselves (and while sourced from different places, are the most up to date available to my knowledge).

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 14.12.47


Yeah, I know.


By the way Trinners and NUI Galway were the biggest offenders on that professors thing.

Most of this is incidentally, was from the HEA report sited by Sheehy-Skeffington recently in her employment inequality case. It came to my attention because I became rather obsessed about her great grandmother and unsung hero of recent Irish history – Hannah Sheehy-Skeffington. So much so, I wrote an essay on her which won an award… from Trinity.


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