Best Reactions to the New Star Wars Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 13.54.17

This is not the trailer you seek. Ah, no. It is. Sure you’re grand.

The day after Happy Turkey Day, Lucasfilms caused the internet to collectively wet its pants when the new Star Wars trailer was launched into the webisphere.

A lot of fans (myself included) had rather given up on the franchise – which had long since lost its way since the one and only time my father let me stay up late to watch the first 1977 film on the telly (they didn’t believe in owning expensive video tapes). George Lucas has gone from visionary hero to greedy villain and when Disney bought the franchise, it felt like the final nail in the coffin. But after watching the new trailer, I actually have hope. Biggest freakouts:

3. A bit of possibly good racial/gender diversity FINALLY that hopefully won’t just be tokenism pandering to backwards  slave/helpless-princess-only roles.

2. New Swooshy Saber


I really, really hope it delivers. Really. But we’ve a long ole wait to December 2015 and hopefully we’ll have a better clue by then. Anyway. One of the best things like trailers like this is the reactions. Honestly I’d love to do some movie advertising cause I’d actually launch peoples reactions first as the teaser to the teaser. That would drive fans insane (evil cackle).

So, here are some of the best reactions below. I’ve cut it straight to the reactions but obviously you can go back to watch the vloggers full video, which is deffo worth it after in some cases. One person who you won’t be finding a fan video from? George Lucas. He hasn’t and won’t watch it. Sour grapes or Star Wars purist? You decide…

And of course, there are the parodies already.

This one is from the always brilliant Red Letter Media (who have the best reviews of just what was wrong with all the last few movies) – thanks Conor Talbot for tweeting it over.


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