Top 10 Alternative Halloween Movies to Scream Along To…


I love, love, love Halloween.

So thought I’d share a top Halloween movies list – one that doesn’t include the usual suspects. No, there’s nothing like the nostalgia of awaiting the classic screams in Scream – bowl of popcorn at the ready – but if you want some fresh reasons to check under your bed before getting into it this weekend, here are some good ‘uns I highly recommend… and what they’re the most likely substitute for.

10. Instead of Friday the 13th watch… Oonibaba  

Even foreign artsy movie snobs need a good scare now and then. The 1964 film Oonibaba will give you just that. Proof again that there is nothing like a creep in a mask. And this freaky mask would have you running to Jason’s arms for comfort! Beautifully filmed and very eerie. It blurs the lines between the supernatural and reality in one very unusual setting. Oh, and the full thing is currently on YouTube!

9.  Instead of Cabin in the Woods, watch Evil Dead (1 AND 2)

“If you go down to the woods today”… well, you’ll probably wet yourself. If you’re hankering for a horror-thon, try the original and truly stomach-churning scary cabin in the woods, in the Evil Dead films one and two.  Again, full movie on the YouTube (click for link).

8.  Instead of Black Swan, try Suspiria

Ok so maybe Balck Swan isn’t a ‘horror’ per-say…but I couldn’t think of another way to get Suspiria into this list and it just has to be here. Dario Argento is one of the true masters of horror. He speicalises in that awful/wonderful panic inducing, psychological head-fupping kind. Plot? Young woman finds all is not as it should be at her new ballet academy gradually and something far more sinister and perhaps supernatural is going on in the background – responsible for a series of grisly murders. Again, full film on on YouTube:

7. Instead of The Woman in Black, try, erm… The Woman in Black

There have been several versions of this old classic horror tale and while Daniel Radcliffe does a good job, the ‘middley’ 1989 version is the best. Available on YouTube – perfect for those who like their horror served gothic style. The more recent on is on Netflix and still worth checking out though, I guess.

6. Instead of Blair Witch, watch Rec

Inspiring Quarantine, or whatever (although the sequel is quite good), Rec is the original Spanish version of this new horror classic – that uses the same ‘real-life’ handheld camera style of Blair Witch. I’ve no issue with do-overs – particularly in horror – but in the case of this and I Spit on Your Grave, I’d definitely make the exception. Stick with the original people!

5. Instead of Twilight, try Let Me In

A relationship blossoms between a normal young un’ and a sensitive moody vampy type… except it’s not shit. They’re just two kids from two very different world. Hmph.

4. Instead of Slither, try Splinter

There is something that taps into our primal fears about an alien entity or virus that has no thoughts or brain, who’s only compulsion is to hunt, take host of and destroy. Slither is a great film about such as parasite but I think Splinter is one of those underdiscovered gems more people should see. No, it’s not a B Movie, in fact, it has all the gloss of an American teen horror but that sort of disarms you for the awesomeness that is to come. Nobody likes road kill but after this you will never even want to be within a mile of the stuff after watching this.

3. Instead of A Nightmare before Christmas, try Monster House.

This is the only kids movie I’ve put in here. It’s funny and scary. Nothing says ‘Halloween’ like a mysterious haunted house. 

2.  Instead of Halloween, try Trick r’ Treat  

This isn’t really a common classic but really should be. It’s four short n’ spooky interwoven tales, that all occur around the night itself.  Great one for to have a few mates round for popcorn and drinks.

1. And instead of Hocus Pocus

Don’t be stupid – there really is no substitute. Is it weird though, the older I get, the more I side with the witches. Darn those pesky kids… Altogether now!


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