Mattress Mick – Back with an Internetty BANG in a Music Video


This is the Irish internet equivalent of Christmas. Christ on a bike…

Mattress Mick is back with a Bang (although I don’t think any of us in Dublin ever thought he’d gone away), with a hilarious music video. The video contains every ingredient to make it a viral hit – including dancing monkeys, gangnam-esque bad dancing and that self-depreciative humour we Irish do so well.

If you don’t know the man, you’ll probably recognise his, memorable, advertising. His maverick half-baked genius way of doing things against the grain – the Mick way – have made him the marmite of the local Dublin advertising world. But love or hate the ads you have to admit they’ve got you’re attention – a big accomplishment for a small local dealer that’s competing with global international brands that have comparatively astronomical advertising budgets. I don’t wana suck the fun out of the total awesomeness that is this video but it really is a great example of how digital and social media are the great egalitarians – levelling the playing field and allowing small players to compete with their global competitors through understanding their own market so well and well, the freedom that they have to do any bat-shit crazy thing that comes into their heads.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 18.28.17 Also, you can’t not love the man himself. Happy, opinionated and with endearing bad taste (those suits are amazing) – he shines out garishly in a world of cookie-cutter sameness. Part of the endearing quality of this video is you know he just can’t do smarmy or suave if he tried… even just for fun. Michael Flynn has not interest in Limos or the Wright Venue treatment (we gotta congratulate Shoot Audition who were no doubt squeezed and then some).

The hair naturally tends to receive the most comments but it’d be a sad day he’d cut it off to fit in with the rest of it. No, he shall take his place among the other wonderful quirky individuals past, present and fictional such as Pat Ingoldsby, Bang Bang Dudley, Panti, Dustin, Ross O’Carroll Kelly, Joe Duffy, Squee, that Dublin has taken to it’s heart… that ARE Dublin’s heart.

I hope we never ever loose our love of the Dublin dissenters.

All of us are in the gutter but Mick is riding his mattress rocket to the mattressy stars.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 18.24.03

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  1. Paul Kelly says:

    Thanks for the write up it was a great read



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