Dublin Teddy Bears Protest Killings in Gaza

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 17.56.50I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures and read the news about the atrocities being committed in Gaza. Over 200 children have been killed to date. After watching the news I spotted my own teddy bear and thought about all those lost childhoods, broken playgrounds, broken toys and broken families. I had a wonderful childhood, in a safe, warm home. Children are losing their lives and their childhoods…

So the plan is to gather a collection of teddy bears to leave outside the embassy in form of peaceful protest this weekend. Ideally enough to represent those children who have died. If you are interested in getting involved or have a bear who you know wouldn’t mind being given up please DM me on twitter (https://twitter.com/Rachel__Ray) .

Collections will be happening at: Grand Canal Dock (this Thursday/Friday from 6PM-7PM, by the cement blocks near Ely) and Malahide (this Saturday at home, for those that know me before 11am and same morning 11:30-12:30 by Londis carpark).

You can also of course come along and drop you bear there at the embassy. I’ll be putting them out at 3PM, Saturday.

Please don’t put anything supporting any particular political group, race or religion on your teddies. This is a meant as a temporary memorial and silent protest.   You can join the event/get any updates and attend with your bear here  (where you can also share your bear’s #selfie).

Image – my own ted’s selfie.


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  1. Rayray says:

    I just remembered this poem from school days.. think it is what put the whole thing in my head. Im sure most of you know it but here it is anyway:

    Child Of Our Time

    Yesterday I knew no lullaby
    But you have taught me overnight to order
    This song, which takes from your final cry
    Its tune, from your unreasoned end its reason;
    Its rhythm from the discord of your murder,
    Its motive from the fact you cannot listen.

    We who should have known how to instruct
    With rhymes for your waking, rhythms for your sleep
    Names for the animals you took to bed,
    Tales to distract, legends to protect,
    Later an idiom for you to keep
    And living, learn, must learn from you, dead.

    To make our broken images rebuild
    Themselves around your limbs, your broken
    Image, find for your sake whose life our idle
    Talk has cost, a new language. Child
    Of our time, our times have robbed your cradle.
    Sleep in a world your final sleep has woken.


    – Eavan Boland


  2. Will do my best to make it on Saturday.



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