Modern ‘Social’ Etiquette – What’s in a Favourite?

10Whether it’s acceptable to make a pass at someone on LinkedIn (no) or if you reeeally have to accept your Great Aunt Mildred’s friend request (yes), etiquette on social media is a potential minefield. So we thought we’d tackle one of the more ‘favourite’ conundrums – the Twitter favourite. Just what does that little ‘★’ actually mean? And – more importantly – does it mean the same to you as everyone else?! Are you leaving yourself open to misinterpretation? Twitter faves are actually one of my most, well, favourite elements to the social platform because of how dynamic they are. So we did some research (again, read ‘asked our mates’) and have come up with the list below. Let us know if we missed one! Below there is a pole to pick the one you use most. Let’s decide the default once and for all.


1) hahah..haha. Oh I too am witty & totally ‘get’ you..just not witty enough to think of good response

The ‘To Do’ List

2) Oh that article looks really interesting and possibly related to my day job, ill read it laaaater (I’ve personally never got around to even ONE in 5yrs)

The Polite Put Down

3) Well you’re clearly mad as a bag of frogs/creepy/hold what is in my view an ‘extremist’ or narrow minded position on something and I don’t quite know how to end this conversation but I don’t wana be rude… Favourite! Ah all better. *walks off

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but here’s my favourite so… 

4) I’m actually enjoying our conversation thread/banter but it’s dragged on too long considering we’ve never actually met and may lead to a socially awkward situation in ‘real life’ when we do. Same as 3) but I actually like you.

The Sympathy Star

5) That’s funny/witty/interesting just not good enough to RT to my followers because I’ve higher standards. Or, that’s not any good at all… but I kinda feel sorry for you. ‘Dad’ jokes are a particular victim of this little gem.

The Bouncer

6) Look I’ve nothing against you personally but you’re not getting in…I’m just gonna favourite your tweet, cause the rest of your profile is extremist/stupid/slutty & I don’t want to highlight I follow you.

I’ll put in pics/examples after work but lunch is over people (hop to).

Any more comment below of the usual tweet me.


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