Michael Kors Creates the First Instagram Ad… and it’s sorta ‘meh’


Don’t get me wrong – I love Michael Kors. As a brand and as a marketer – they’re always first with well advertising ‘firsts’ as we call em and firmly hold their own in amongst the luxury digital advertising innovators like Burberry, ASOS, Cartier, Net-a-Porter and Rolex. But I can’t help feeling that they had a great opportunity as the first brand to advertise on Instagram and they sorta missed the mark. Well, that’s not entirely true, because the real problem for me with this ad is that it hits the mark right on the head. The image is pretty much paint-by-numbers typical Instagram image – macaroons, check, pastels, check, vintage tea set, check… just a little boring guys! Of course they’ve created lots of attention – I just think they could have got more! Maybe they were afraid of standing out to the people in their personal feeds. And I’ve no doubt Instagram had a hefty checklist and terms of approval for passing it. But the point of ads IS to stand out and good ads give people something new and exciting, right?

Did you see it in your feed? What did you think? Was it annoying or did you like it?

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