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Being the ‘organiser’ in a group is an absolute pain in the hole.  I don’t know why I get landed with it as I am completely incompetent. Perhaps the default selection of me as organizer is actually a subtle polite indication from my friends that we don’t actually all want to see each other?


I’ve come to realise over the last year that calendars and schedules are not useful for organised people, they are useful for disorganised people – like me! Since I discovered I could sync my work and gmail calendars and just have a big-ass widget for it all on my phone, I just can’t get enough. Now I never miss an appointment and never have to say ‘um, lemme get back to you on that’ in work or with friends.

Plus there’s the shallow childish pleasure we all feel being able to say ‘let me just check my schedule‘ – like some yuppy New York power dresser in an 80s film.

Then my Dad introduced me to Doodle pole, and not only am I able to organise my own sh*t now, but everyone else’s in the group.

Doodle pole basically just put schedule options to a vote – cutting out the complicated tweets, arguments and the feeling of being ‘unfair’ on anyone. It’s awesome for meetings, Christmas parties, picking cinema times, checking regular availability and meet ups with friends.

It might seem really anal but it’s a great time changer – not just a time saver and one of those handy digital gizmos that helps you make the best use of your time – rather than just being another consumer of it!


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