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My current ‘to read’ list:

  • 237 articles on Readability
  • 6 magazines
  • Half a Sunday Times paper
  • The Saturday Magazines of the Irish Times
  • 232 Books on kindle or stacked beside the bed…

My love of reading is almost evenly matched by my intolerable hatred of missing out – which was why I was overjoyed when I first stumbled upon Umano last month. Umano is a simple audio app that allows you to listen to professionally pre-recorded audio versions of news content articles from the likes of TIME and Huff Post, for free. Because it’s audio it means I can get some content now in situations I wouldn’t normally have a chance to read – like on the bus or in the car. I haven’t tried it yet but it would be great for cycling in the park or at the gym (yes, I haven’t tried it because it would mean going to the gym). It also has a handy ‘car mode’ – where everything is big buttoned, easy to use and safer. Add what you want to listen  to your own personal playlist and off you go. How wonderfully productive do you feel now? Eh? Eh?!

The only problem is that because it’s audio, I’m less inclined to dismiss an article – it’s so easy to digest. Highly addictive stuff. ‘Yes I DO want to know why popcorn pops (add!) AND which airline is the most fuel efficient (add!) AND ‘Why Distraction Apps Matter’ (add!) and ‘6 people who survived their own executions’… My playlist is now another list of stuff I want to get round to, but it’s offering me this sorta stuff for situations I couldn’t normally consider reading, so I don’t mind… really. Related articles

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