Lessons from the Wolf of Wall Street


The bizarre life and times of Jordan Belfort are about to become more famous (or infamous) come Oscar season in January 2014, thanks to Martin Scorsese.  The movie of those few years on Wall Street stars the unimpeachable Leonardo DiCaprio (ok, Gatsby kinda sucked but that’s not his fault) and has arguably one of the best trailers in years, thanks to some clever cat’s brilliant pairing of the clips to Kanye’s Blackhead Skinhead.

Belfort is one of those characters you can’t help but find fascinating. A fantastic example of how the lines blur between mad man and genius. A crook? Definitely. Psychopath? Probably. But a big part of the attraction to people such as these, is the wondering; are there some lessons, some secret to success he has that you don’t (ones that don’t involve being insane… but still lead to being insanely rich)?

You can read the books in advance – as it’s a still long time to wait for the movie but in the meantime check out this interview where he tries to spell out his secrets to success. Man with a vision or one couch jump away from a Cruise-esque freak out? You decide. But if you do discover the secret to becoming filthy rich without going to prison, please be a dear and share it.

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  1. mf1sher says:

    Very excited for this movie!



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