Is it Time to Try a Different Sort of Diet?


Ever think you consume too much crap, too often… that is never really good for you and you never really enjoy anyways? You’re not alone. People all over the world are talking about the consequence of the modern fast food lifestyle.

Maybe it’s time for a diet – an information diet that is!

The ways we take in both food and information these days have a lot in common really. Be it grazing ‘junk’ on Daily Mail, snacking on unnecessary bitesized tweets (guilty!) or even gorging on 5 hours of TV on Sunday, it’s amazing how our bad diet habits are so similiar to the changing way we get our info hits throught the day.

So perhaps it’s time we had a real think about what we are putting into brains as well as our bellies. Here is a good talk from TED (the standard purveyor of ‘good talks’) that will getting you thinking about it:

The commonalities really are suprising! I’m not saying you should purge the Daily Mail or Cehlia Ahern from your iPad, but maybe it’s time we all started thinking about setting some healthy dietary habits for our head…

After all, you are what you eat.

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