Trending: THAT Rihanna Video


…the latest music vid from Riri. It makes Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball look like a nun. Yes, Miley-flippin-Cyrus. And it takes twerking a whole new level of butt-shaking-floor-grinding-giggly-ness. Just try to watch it without your mouth dropping open. I guess if it was shock factor the singer was going for, she certainly achieved it.

And yet, I’m totally conflicted by it.

On the one hand there’s the obvious ‘No little girl should ever see that and think that’s what they should aspire to’ argument… but (OK don’t shoot me now) male artists have been creating videos like this for donkeys and you gotta love her ‘I’m just as badass and don’t give a crap what you think about it’ attitude. Lagerfeld certainly seems to anyway… Then again maybe I’m so used to her naked Instagram feed none of it’s shocking anymore.

Oh yeah, and you ain’t seen nothing until you watch the ‘Nicole the Pole’ audition video


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