Online Shopping Review: Sheinside


A number of online Asian retailers – from independent suppliers and high end lux brands to wholesale sites – are really starting to get our attention lately. Yes they’re miles away but have the alluring combination of providing you with clobber you’ll be the only one in Ireland wearing, at a really cheap price. We promised an age ago to review the new clothes site a few people are talking about, Two online orders (and about 200 squids) later I think we’re in a position to do so, so here goes:

Great for…cheap as chips bargains for your wardrobe. Penneys can suck it! shirt

Invest in… Dresses, jumpers, t-shirts, jackets, coats and leggings.

Not so great for… larger sizesaccessories (cheaper looking than they appear on screen), limited choice in bags and no shoes. 

Make sure you’re happy by… checking and double checking the size chart. It’s a total ball ache but it’s worth it. 

Not so great for… quick orders – give em at least 3 weeks to get your haul to you. Also, just because you’ve pressed the ‘Go’ button doesn’t mean you are guaranteed an item is in stock. All a bit messy but like we said, with prices that cheap…cake

Other awesome stuff…

  • The more you buy, the greater the discount over the lot you get (never understood why ‘real’ stores rarely adopt this method). My last order was 20% off and I added a discount code for an additional 15% the new total after. rabbits Awesomeness. You also get rewards for reviews and social sharing (which I should have done, obviously, but I just wasn’t arsed).
  • Community pics – customers are free to upload their product shots. So you can see what us ‘normals’ look like wearing it. 
  • Daily New – a little tab in that lets you know exactly what’s new in, every day. Simple but useful.

Overall: 7/10.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rayray says:

    all images here are of stuffs I bought. Particularly like my carbon copy ‘D&G’ new season dress and sweet stuff t-shirt.



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