Trending: Ear Candy… Monocle 24 Radio

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.08.38

Give your ears the smorgasbord of sound they deserve without the hard work.

I don’t know how people find new music. Sometimes I wonder if all others do behind closed doors is take selfies and research the sh*t out of obscure hipster music…then pretend they’ve made no effort at all. But let’s not get into a rant now.

Anyway, if like me you don’t know where people get the time but want to find new cool music, radio is still king. Online radio I mean and my current fave also happens to come from the same peeps that create one of my fave monthly magazine reads –  Monocle.  I can’t rave about Monocle Magazine enough, so I’ll probably just take the opportunity to blog about them later. In the meantime however, to get a bit of their vibe check out the radio station and start a shazaming blitz.

Feels like: Living in one global modern megacity

Listen in: Pre-flight tapas and cocktails in London en route to visiting friends Tokyo.

You’ll hear: Gimes, Washed Out, 씨스타 (Sistar), Tove Styrke, Austra, Big Boi, Chakachas, Lykke Li… (Look how music knowledgable I look haha – see!)

Cause ads say it all: Rolex


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