Confessions of a Listaholic

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 15.44.10

I’m a self-confessed list addict and I’ve no embarrassment about it.

I think it’s actually one of the most productive ways to sort your thoughts out down on paper – digital paper that is. Your needs, desires and ‘to-do’ quite literally become ordered. And, somehow, problems become smaller and more manageable. I guess it’s easier to see the solution if you can clearly visualise the problem.

Truth be told, pre-smartphones my listology ‘method’ was to write random stuff on scraps of paper and cute notebooks I’d never have with me. These poor shards of random thoughts would find themselves scattered to the four corners of my life (read: every drawer and surface of my bedroom, the side of the couch, my handbag and the office). Consequently, I looked like a bit of a mad woman.

However, thanks to my smartphone, my personal space is looking a little more – well – spacious. Yes, occasionally I can’t resist the urge to put pen to post-it, but the majority of my notes are now confined to one of three places:

1. Samsung S3/4 Calendar – go to settings and dedicate a whole page on your phone to this widget. Sync all your calendars together and never forget another meeting, event or lunch time errand again.

2. Pinterest – unlimited boards of unlimited things. Predominantly wishlists but I’ve also used it last year to source and share a potential new apartments with my friends. I always try to put a price and link on each image of the latest coveted item. Think it’s just good Pinterest etiquette (hmm, might rant on that one later).

3. Evernote – the crème de la crème of listology. All your notes (written, image, voice, even moleskine ones) all in one place, searchable, taggable and accessible from all places, from all devices. It’s even smart enough to sink to your calendar (above), so if you don’t have a title for your random scribblings, it’ll just choose one (e.g. ‘Lunch with Chloe, Tuesday, 11:30’). Evernote is by far my fave most useful app, ever – whether it’s work notes, blog ideas, holiday plans, or my ‘shit how’d I get to the end of FOUR hair conditioners simultaneously’ shopping list, it’s just awesome.

Now, Amazon has added a ‘wishlist’ button for your Google Chrome browser too – so you can keep your online shopping list all in one place at just one touch of one button. No apps. No pasting links. No separate wish lists on separate sites and abandoned shopping trollies… Shopaholic and listaholic heaven combo. Give it a go.

Yes, I’m still completely barmy.

But at least it takes people longer to realize it now.


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