Trending: Dunnes goes Online


Normally, I’m not a fan of Dunnes. Not the food store – that’s, well, as ‘likeable’ as any supermarket. I mean the clothing/homeware/lost souls Dunnes.
You generally tend not to be a fan of anywhere your mammy’s been dragging you to since your buggy days. Plus as a rule, it smelled of warehouse20130622-162654.jpg dust and a screaming child in the shoe department seemed mandatory. 20130622-162211.jpgMy view of Dunnes started changing a little however when they opened a small store on George’s Street, Dublin. Maybe cause it’s right next door to their main offices, but someone’s taken the store to a whole new standard… So I went in for a wander and came out with two bags of home stuffs (including the three canvas prints above for a tenner). Was very surprised… or maybe I’m getting old and wandering into Dunnes is part of that whole hideous process. Anyway, as of last week, Dunnes is now online – so you can decide if they’ve changed for the better. I’ve pinned some of my faves here – so have a little look-see. And yes, the prices will still get your mammy’s nod of approval.


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