Trending: The Perfect Brows – Brow Artist Review


To say big brows are in fashion is a bit of an understatement.

They’ve been doing the rounds for at least 5 years now and this year, it seems to have been taken up another notch.

But I’ve a problem… basically, I’m a bit of a picky plucker.

Since my teens every new bump, freckle, mystery hair and mole (sorry, self re-brand: lets call it a ‘beauty spot’) has been literally scrutinised under a magnifying glass.Maybe that’s just me but I suspect it’s the same for a lot of women out there. Something to do with control probably… Between simple measures like hair extensions and fake tan to the more extreme like lipo and tucks, there isn’t a lot left about our outer selves we can’t change in our attempts to create our ‘ideal self’ these days – provided we’ve the money and the determination.


The gene pool got a bit confused and gifted me with catus like foliage on my legs and pathetic thin strands on my head – obviously it should have been the other way round. So for the past 12 years I’ve been waging a personal war against my body hair. Originally it was just hand to hand blade combat and hair straighteners but thanks to the advancement of modern technology, I’ve hired a salon army that make strategic monthly attacks on the little b*$tards with ‘frickin’ laaasers’. Success has been slow, expensive, and painful but the one place that those hairs just won’t behave are my brows.

They’re too long and too thin, and it seems every time I turn my back, they’re constantly trying to meet up with each other in the middle. Out comes the tweesers and gradually, with military precision, every hair that didn’t behave itself was expelled.  Then I saw ‘The Brow Artist’ @LornaFarrelly on ‘de Twitter’ and thought – “Yes! Saved.” Lorna specialises in long-term results, specifically 18-24 month brows. I could just get my ideal brows tattooed on! The before and afters looked amazing (and something nowhere else really provided). So I booked myself in.


Unfortunately, despite a week of regrowth (usually an unforgivable amount in my books), I’d still left Lorna nothing but a dark thin arch to work with. Apparently I’m not alone in my constant tweaking obsession – Irish ladies are particularly bad. You just don’t see these things until someone else points it out. ‘Yer wan’ with the moustache in Intermission comes to mind… It struck me how odd it is that we’ll pull out the ‘real thing’ to essentially paint a new version of our eyebrows on… rather than finding the best version of real thing.

Anyway, Lorna did a fantastic job with what materials she’d been left with so I highly recommend checking them out in The Hive – George’s Street. I’m back in a few weeks so I’m resolved to go back with full foliage… well, I might just pull out the really bad one, or two. Also check out the before/afters on Twitter – they’re pretty amazeballs.

So, here’s my before and after (2 sessions)!

Before and After!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ajda says:

    I’ve just booked myself in after seeing your tweet about them the other day! Total over-plucker too, you’re not alone, can’t wait to get mine done but a bit scared!


    1. Rayray says:

      Dont worry. They totally work with you to get the shape thats most flattering. Just be sure to hide the tweezers for the few weeks in the lead up!



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